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Misasa Onsen Hot Springs, located in Tottori Prefecture, is a hot spring resort with 850 years of history.

We offer a 100% satisfying experience of a traditional hot spring ryokan.
All around our ryokan there are galleries, bathhouses, Mt. Mitoku and more, so you'll never get tired of taking a stroll.
A stay in our hotel will be one of your unforgettable memories from your travels in Japan.
You can charter an onsen bath privately, ideal for family and anniversary trips.
A free courtesy pick-up is available from JR Kurayoshi Station for your convenience.

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Mansuirou is a hot spring ryokan located in front of Misasa Bridge, a Tangible Cultural Property.
Misasa Bridge leads to our inn, and if you look down from the bridge, you will see a steaming open-air hot spring called Kawaraburo. At night, the glow of the lights set along the rail of the bridge creates a truly elegant scene.
A limousine bus is available to take you from Tottori Airport to Misasa Onsen Hot Springs. (The ride takes about an hour.) Misasa Onsen Hot Springs is a 3-hour bus ride from Okayama Airport on the express bus "Kurayoshi Express".

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Sightseeing Image Sightseeing Image

Misasa Onsen Hot Springs resort is a great way to experience Japanese nostalgia.
We also recommend "Mitoku and Daisen" journey to sacred mountains in search of mysteries.

Near Mansuirou there are plenty of "yumeguri spots" (places where you can take a hot spring bath) and points of interest where you can experience some of Misasa's traditional events.
If you stretch your legs a little, you will reach Tottori Sand Dunes (a symbolic spot for the whole the prefecture), Shirakabe Dozougun and Akagawara (white-washed storehouses with red tiles which create elegant castle town scenery), and Mt. Mitoku and Daisen (two sacred mountains).

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5 Yamada, Misasa-cho,
Tōhaku-gun, Tottori Pref.
TEL: +81-858-43-0511
FAX: +81-858-43-2616
For more information, please email or fax.
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