Sightseeing around Misasa Onsen Hot Springs. The history of Misasa Onsen Hot Springs goes back over 800 years ago.Long ago, a samurai named Samanosuke Okubo encountered an old white wolf. The samurai was about to shoot it with an arrow, but then he thought again and let it go.That night, the Buddhist deity Myoken Bosatsu appeared to Samanosuke in his dream and, as a token of gratitude for sparing the white wolf, told him where he could find a hot spring.Following these events, it came to be said that the hot spring had the power to cure the local villagers' diseases.The spring is still going strong, and gushes up from near the roots of an old camphor tree.It is currently a public hot spring called Kabuyu (literally, Tree Stump Water).

  • Strolling around
  • Venture a bit further afield around
  • Mt. Mitoku and Daisen
Strolling around Misasa Onsen Hot Springs
Seasonal nature awaits you.
Relax and enjoy a traditional Japanese townscape.
map 1.Kajika no Yu hot spring 2.Kawara Onsen hot spring 3.Tamawari no Yu 4.Oyakushi-san 5.Kabuyu 1.Misasa Museum 2.Kaeru Ornament House II 3.Campanella no Yakata 4.Choukoku no Yakata 5.Jinsho no Yakata 1.Mori no Ki Cafe 2.Hyotan 3.Sabo Kigi teahouse 4.Tan Tan 1.Misasa Shrine 2.Nanenji Temple 3.Koitani Bridge

Yumeguri spots

1Kajika no Yu hot spring

Kajika no Yu hot spring
Relaxing view of Misasa River from bridge
Foot bath on the center of Kajika Bridge
* Check the temperature of the water before getting in. It may be too hot if you just stick your foot straight in.
Fee: Free
Holidays: None (closed during winter period)
Opening hours

2Kawara Onsen hot spring

Kawara Onsen hot spring
A murmuring stream and a sublime sense of space
Free mixed-bathing open-air hot spring under Misasa Bridge Since everything in the hot spring can be seen from outside, we recommend that ladies bathe after dusk.
A foot bath is also located by the side of the hot spring.
Fee: Free
Holidays: Open all year round
(Not available from early morning until around 11 a.m. on odd dates, due to cleaning)

3Tamawari no Yu

Tamawari no Yu
Tamawari no Yu

A soothing bath with a scent of hinoki wood.
The most well-appointed bathhouse in Misasa Onsen Hot Springs. The bathtub was renovated in March 2010, and now carries the fragrance of hinoki wood.
"Shop Bocha Bocha", a souvenir shop selling local Misasa products, and Mori no Ki Cafe are both close to the bathhouse.Located near an express bus stop, so very convenient for a "quick dip".
Fee: Adults 500 yen, elementary school students 300 yen
Opening hours (Last admissions at 21:30 p.m.)

4Oyakushi-san foot bath / Drinkable hot spring Yakushi no Yu

Oyakushi-san foot bath / Drinkable hot spring Yakushi no Yu
This Buddha hears prayers about health.
Yakushi no Yu" is located in a square dedicated to the worship of "Oyakushi-san", Buddha of the hot spring town and object of prayers for the healing power of its waters.
Many people visit Oyakushi-san to pray for their health.
You can drink the hot spring water as well as enjoying a foot bath. The mineral-rich waters of Misasa Onsen Hot Springs have many health benefits.


A Misasa hot spring bath where you can relax your mind and meet people
t is said that the source of Kabuyu lies among the roots of a tree. This is the oldest hot spring in Misasa Onsen Hot Springs. To the left of the entrance there is a place where you can drink the hot spring's water.
The small bathtub makes you feel closer to other people. Enjoy talking and get into the travel mood.
(Weekdays) 8:00-21:15
(Sundays) 11:00-21:15

Yunomachi Gallery / Museum

1Misasa Museum

Misasa Museum
Appreciate works by Mutei and cultivate your mind.
The museum exhibits works by the people of the village of Misasa and one Tomizaburo Hasegawa, a.k.a. "Mutei".
Seasonal trees and flowers are also among the many interesting things to see.
Holidays: Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Thursdays

2Kaeru Ornament House II - Yunomachi Gallery -

Kaeru Ornament House II - Yunomachi Gallery -
A passion for protecting beautiful nature is to be found here.
Kajika frogs live in the Misasa River and are the symbol of Misasa.
With the motto "Don't neglect nature and animals," this museum displays frog ornaments collected by local residents.

3Campanella no Yakata - Yunomachi Gallery -

Campanella no Yakata - Yunomachi Gallery -
Meet Campanella from the children's story Night on the Galactic Railroad.
It is said that the character Campanella in Night on the Galactic Railroad was based on Ryokuseki Kawamoto.
Campanella no Yakata, which is also the Ryokuseki Kawamoto Archive, displays goods related Kenji Miyazaki, such as books of poetry and letters from Kenji Miyazaki.

4Choukoku no Yakata - Yunomachi Gallery -

Choukoku no Yakata - Yunomachi Gallery -
Koya tofu carving gallery
Chefs from Misasa explain the art of mukimono (decorative food carving) using Koya tofu (freeze-dried tofu). Examples of their work are also on display.
Koya tofu carving is an extremely rare art form which can only be seen at Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.
The works on display are so exquisite you'll find it hard to believe that they really are made from freeze-dried tofu.

5Jinsho no Yakata - Yunomachi Gallery -

Jinsho no Yakata - Yunomachi Gallery -
Experience an epic tradition of Misasa.
Jinsho is a tug of war held in Misasa Onsen Hot Springs on the night of every May 4th.
This is a traditional event where people get into two teams and have a tug of war using a rope formed by knitting together two large "male" and "female" ropes made of Japanese wisteria.
Jinsho no Yakata explains the history and significance of the Jinsho event, the rope etc.

Fine-dining restaurant

1Mori no Ki Cafe

Mori no Ki Cafe
A cafe that will make your feel good in both body and mind.
This cafe is located close to Tamawari hot spring. The cafe's menu, carefully prepared by the owner and his son, will make your feel good in both body and mind. ♪
Holidays: Unscheduled holidays


Small izakaya bar / restaurant where you can feel right at home
The counter of this small izakaya seats seven customers, and visitors can expect to share it with lots of locals. The cheerful proprietress will give you a hearty welcome. People traveling alone will also find this a great place to drop into and have a good time.
Holidays: Sundays

3Sabo Kigi teahouse

Sabo Kigi teahouse
his retro building was once visited by famous anime director Hayao Miyazaki.
The teahouse is located close to Campanella no Yukata. It was once visited by famous anime director Hayao Miyazaki, a close relation of Kenji Miyazaki. The building was renovated from an old storehouse and has a retro atmosphere with wooden furniture and a big wall clock. An elegant time-out surrounded by the aroma of coffee brewing in a siphon.

4Tan Tan

Eat soft serve ice cream while bathing your feet
A cafe-bar right beside Kawara Onsen hot spring. Refresh your mind by eating soft serve ice cream while bathing your feet Tan Tan offers 5 or 6 types of soft serve ice cream.
Holidays: Sunday night, Monday morning

Power spot / god of marriage

1Misasa Shrine

Misasa Shrine
Popular with couples who want to make their bonds even stronger!
The guardian god of Misasa, protected by large zelkova trees. A hot spring wells up from the hand washing fountain in front of the shrine. Called "Kami no Yu” (Water of the God), it is said that if you drink this water while making a wish, it will come true.

2Nanenji Temple

Nanenji Temple
When you wish upon a tile ♪
An ailing monk from an ancient temple in Kyoto who took a bath in Misasa Onsen Hot Springs and was completely cured built this temple as a token of gratitude for the effects of the hot spring.
The tiles at the porch are for saying a prayer. Write your wish in chalk on a tile.

3Koitani Bridge

Koitani Bridge
Kajika frogs give you good luck
This bridge is also known as the "Vallée de l'Amour" Complete with an arbor and beautiful illuminations at night, you sure enjoy the Misasa River scenery from the bridge. Spending time with your partner on this bridge is a particularly good idea.
The bridge is also said to have a matchmaking effect. It is said that your love will be requited if you rub the ceramic Kajika frog sitting in the middle of the bridge.

Venture a bit further afield around Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.
Let's go (but not in hurry, naturally) and take a look at the area around Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.
Enjoy the nature and towns of Tottori.

Kurayoshi / Shirakabe Dozougun / AkagawaraA 15-minute drive from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.

Kurayoshi / Shirakabe Dozougun / Akagawara Kurayoshi / Shirakabe Dozougun / Akagawara Kurayoshi / Shirakabe Dozougun / Akagawara Kurayoshi / Shirakabe Dozougun / Akagawara
01Shirakabe Dozougun / Akagawara

hirakabe Dozougun, a group of white-washed storehouses, was built in the Edo and Meiji periods, and gently bears the fragrance of sake and soy sauce. The red tiles on the roofs make for scenery unique to Kurayoshi. You will want to take it easy in this place where time passes at a leisurely crawl.
Just walk the streets with their traditional Japanese atmosphere, and the time will pass gently.
Expose yourself to the historic culture and inspire your artistic sensibilities in this cultivated town.
You can also get around town at your own pace using the "Retron" sightseeing bus, which is driven by a tour guide!

Access by bus

  • Buses to the area are available from Boarding Point 2 of Kurayoshi Station bus terminal.
  • You can also take a bus (Misasa Onsen (Kannokura / Yoshihara) Line) from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.
Address 〒682-0821
Uo-machi / Togiya-machi / Higashinaka-machi / 1 Shin-machi / Sakae-machi, Kurayoshi-shi, Tottori
Inquiry +81-858-22-1200(Kurayoshi Tourist Information Center)

Why not stroll along traditional Japanese streets in a kimono?


Try on a kimono with your partner!

Half-day plan 3,500 yen
● Kimono rental, dressing and hair styling * Performed by beauticians
● Sightseeing guide (get your photo taken at main sightseeing spots) * Please bring your own camera.
● Coupon for shops around Akagawara
One day plan 4,500 yen
● Half day plan + free lunch

* Reservation is for 2 persons or more
* We have a limited number of kimonos, so please make a reservation as soon as possible.

■ Reservations / Inquiries
Machinaka Slow Life Division Akagawara Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Asada
TEL.+81-858-23-6666 / FAX.+81-858-23-6667 /

02Akagawara Jusan Go-kan Shirakabe Club

Akagawara Jusan Go-kan Shirakabe ClubA Western-food restaurant with the classical feel of a nationally registered Tangible Cultural Property.
Rightly proud of its excellent, healthy dishes prepared with local ingredients.
You can have a refined time while listening live performances, enjoying art galleries etc.

Address 〒682-0821
2540 Uo-machi, Kurayoshi-shi, Tottori
TEL +81-858-24-5753
Hours 10:00~21:00 (Holidays: Wednesday)
03Manshoji Temple

Manshoji TemplePeople in the know all know about this power spot in Kaji-machi, Kurayoshi. "Kuyouseisenban", a modern version of a mystic astrological apparatus, was set up in the precincts in autumn 2010.
Use the "Kuyouseisenban" to make a forecast about your character, love life and relationships with others.

Address 〒682-0864
1 Kaji-machi, Kurayo-shi, Tottori
Inquiry +81-858-22-3468

Tottori Sand Dunes A 1-hour drive from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.

04Tottori Sand Dunes

A 1-hour drive from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.
Formed over a long, long period of time, the sand dunes are a symbol of Tottori Prefecture.
With an area extending 16 km east to west and 2 km north to south, the sand dunes are a place everyone should go at least once in their lifetime.
The ripples on the sand change every time the wind blows. You will never see the same pattern twice.
Art of nature you will want to take your time over.
Besides the changes in the appearance of the dunes with the seasons, there are also several events. There are several ways to enjoy the dunes.
In addition, charming camels, horse carts and so on await you at the entrance to the dunes. Saunter through the dunes on the back of a camel and you will feel like you are in a different country.
Why not have a go at paragliding and let off some everyday steam?

Access by bus

  • Why not have a go at paragliding and let off some everyday steam?
  • Loop Kirin Shishi sightseeing bus operates from Tottori Station.
    You can also take a Shiro Usagi Go sightseeing bus from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.
Address 〒680-0001
Hamasaka, Tottori-shi, Tottori
Tottori Sand Dunes

Hiruzen Heights A 1-hour drive from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.

Hiruzen Heights
05Hiruzen Heights A 1-hour drive from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.

One of the best resorts in West Japan, located 500 to 600 m above sea level on a gently-sloping plateau with views toward the three peaks of Hiruzen Sanza.
A great place for a scenic drive, and if you stop and get out, be sure to take a deep breath of the refreshing air.
The best thing to do in this place is to feel the wide space beneath the vast, open blue sky.
Meet cute Jersey cows, enjoy horse riding and more, and your mind and body will be refreshed while you relax and play with the animals.
There are plenty of facilities, such as amusement parks, barbecue sites and observation decks where you can feel the wind that blows across the heights.
Eating local specialties while feeling the refreshing wind is a real treat.

Access by bus

  • Buses are available from Okayama Station. (Change buses at Katsuyama Station.)
  • Please use a taxi from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs Resort.
Address Hiruzen, Maniwa-shi, Okayama
Inquiry +81-867-66-3220 (Hiruzen Tourist Association)

Sakaiminato A 1-hour drive from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.

06Shigeru Mizuki Road

Shigeru Mizuki, the creator of "Gegege no Kitaro", was born in Sakaiminato.
Once you alight at Sakaiminato Station, the world of Kitaro awaits you. Kitaro motifs are everywhere in the city.
About 139 bronze "yokai" statues stand along the "Shigeru Mizuki Road", which extends for approximately 800 m. You will find classic yokais, such as the familiar Nezumi Otoko and Neko Musume.
Of course Kitaro and Medama Oyaji are also there to welcome you.
In celebration of the broadcast of the morning drama series "Gegege no Nyobo" on NHK (Japan's national TV network), bronze statues of creator Shigeru Mizuki and his wife have been erected in front of the station.

Access by bus

  • Fixed-route buses are available from Yonego Station.
  • Please use a taxi from Misasa Onsen Hot Springs Resort.
Address 〒684-0004
Taisho-machi, Sakaiminato-shi, Tottori
Inquiry +81-859-47-0121(Sakaiminato Tourism Association)
Shigeru Mizuki Road
07Yume Minato Tower

Yume Minato TowerA 360-degree panorama of the Sea of Japan This landmark tower in Sakaiminato stands 43 m tall. Fully transparent, with glass windows and a framework of iron poles and rings, the appearance of the tower is both impressive and artistic.
Visitors will also find the facilities inside the tower are more than satisfactory.

Address 〒684-0046
255-3 Takenouchidanchi, Sakaiminato-shi, Tottori
TEL +81-859-47-3800
Inquiry 10:00~21:00 (Holidays: Wednesday)
08Eshima Ohashi Bridge

Eshima Ohashi BridgeEshima Ohashi Bridge is a part of the Eshima Line on the Sakaiminato Rinko Road, and is located between Minatosakai in Tottori Prefecture and Matsue in Shimane Prefecture.
This bridge has made travel between Eshima and Minatoasakai much easier, since people previously had no alternative but to go by boat.
Approximately 14,000 vehicles use the bridge every day.
The giant arch bridge is 1,704 m in length, and was designed with the theme of "wind". The fresh and elegant design is well worth seeing.


5 Yamada, Misasa-cho,
Tōhaku-gun, Tottori Pref.
TEL: +81-858-43-0511
FAX: +81-858-43-2616
For more information, please email or fax.
FAX:+81-858-43-2616 Inquiry


Wi-Fi is available in and around the lobby.

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