• Onsen

    Misasa Onsen Hot Springs were discovered 830 years ago, and are steeped in legend.
    The name Misasa means three mornings, and comes from a legend which says if a sick person bathes in the hot spring for three days, on the third morning their sickness will be cured on.
    Misasa Onsen Hot Springs contain one of the highest levels radon of any spa in the world. Radon has beneficial effects for rheumatic disease, gout, high-blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, alimentary disease and diseases of the bile duct and tract.
    The indoor spa is filled with radium steam rising from the bathtub. You will feel its relaxing effects throughout your body every time you inhale.

  • Live-grill Dining Kitchen

    Private bath

    Free-flowing spa
    A big cypress bath with free-running hot spring from our private source, and room for about 10 people at a time.
    Unlike our large bath, Shinju no Yu holds the steaming vapor inside the facility more tightly, so the unique Misasa Onsen inhaling effect is also more pronounced.
    Take as much time as you want with your partner, family or friends in a famous, endlessly flowing hot spring at Misasa Onsen Hot Springs.

Dining Areas

    Private-room Dining Area

    Private-room Dining Area

    This dining area with private rooms was designed by Katsu Yamamoto, who is known as the father of Japanese architecture.
    The dining area celebrates traditional Japanese aesthetics and is the perfect site for guests to enjoy a relaxing meal in a private setting.

    Live-grill Dining Kitchen

    Live-grill Dining Kitchen

    At the live-grill dining kitchen, guests can enjoy grilled dishes freshly prepared by the chef over the scorching flame of Binchotan charcoal, including local specialties such as branded beef, Matsuba crab, rock oysters, etc.

Tea Lounge

    Tea Lounge

    Tea Lounge

    Green tea is served to all arriving guests.
    Enjoy a relaxing tea time at this tea lounge where natural sunlight filters through.

    Opening hours / 7:00~22:00

Night lounge

  • Night lounge

    Night lounge

    Opening hours / 20:00~24:00

  • Karaoke room

    Karaoke room

    Opening hours / 20:00~23:00


Check-in from 15:00
Check-out until 10:00
Number of guest rooms 44 rooms
Parking lots 70 vehicles (free)
Public bath Public bath with open-air bath
Dining Area Private-room dining area with 15 rooms / Live-grill Dining Kitchen area with 40seats
Other facilities Night lounge with 55 seats, karaoke salon, tea lounge, gift shop
Smoking areas In guest rooms and outside the entrance
Non-smoking areas Lobby, live-grill dining kitchen, private-room dining area and other common spaces